Factory Certifications More Important than Ever Before

Only 10% of all the collision repairers in the United States are certified to work on the vehicles they repair. By being a member of the Assured Performance Group, we have proven that Body Builders Automotive possesses the necessary equipment, tools and training to work on 2/3rd of all the automotive brand names in the marketplace today.

These include Ford, Nissan, Infiniti, FCA, Hyundai and KIA and all of our technicians are also Toyota trained.

As an identified, certified and supported O.E. repairer, Body Builders Automotive has all of the OEM credentials needed to fix today’s sophisticated vehicles. This requires a major investment in tools and training, and any other incremental performance criteria that have to be achieved before a body shop can proudly say “We’re certified!”

Before you ever sign in the dotted line with any collision repair specialist, ask about their factory certifications, as well as whether or not that they’re an I-CAR Gold body shop. To perform collision repair services in today’s world, certifications are no longer an option, so do your do due diligence before trusting your vehicle with any auto body shop.

Tesla Approved Body Shop
Tesla Approved Body Shop
Inifinti Certified Collision Repair Network
Nissan Certified Collision Repair Network
FCA US LLC Certified Collision Repair Center
Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair

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