Detail & Exterior Coating

Professional detailing a car in car studio, hands with orbital polisher, scratching remover.

Auto Detailing

At our collision center in Illinois, we not only bring cars to their former luster after an accident, we also restore vehicles from regular wear and tear that has accumulated over time.

It might have been from bad weather conditions or a small scratch someone left on your door while parallel parking. Whatever the case may be, we can buff it all out in a timely manner and get you back on the road looking like you’ve just rolled out of a showroom.

Our experienced and certified technicians use only industry-leading tools to restore your car’s interior and exterior appearance, so don’t worry, you’re in the best of hands. Even if your car is spotless, you can always request a detailing service to take its aesthetic appeal to the next level at our local auto body shop.

Paint Correction

Over time and for a variety of reasons, your car’s paint job will start to seem uneven and you will notice certain imperfections and irregularities in the finish. Don’t worry, this happens to almost every car due to environmental conditions, dust, debris, and a few accidental dings here and there. Luckily, our skilled technicians are here to restore and rejuvenate the paintwork on your vehicle to bring it back to its former glory.

At Body Builders Automotive, we use only the best compounds and car polish tools to ensure top-quality auto detailing and paint repair. This allows us to smooth out all scratches and any inconsistencies in the paintwork, making your car get that sleek, irresistible look.

Ceramic Coating & Polishing

Restoring a car’s exterior is not just about rejuvenating the paintwork. It’s also about making sure that the paint stays consistent over time and that it is able to endure various adverse effects.

To achieve this, we use ceramic paint coating to make the paintwork more durable and resilient to the elements. This ensures a smooth finish while guaranteeing that you won’t need to bring your car in for a touch-up for a long time.

Interior Detailing

If exterior detailing aims to enhance the look of your vehicle, then interior detailing aims to create that distinct feeling of cleanliness and comfort. Our interior detailing process ensures that every inch of your car’s interior is thoroughly cleaned using safe cleaning products that don’t harm your health, or the environment.

What’s more, the cleaning products we use won’t damage or fade your upholstery, carpeting, or interior panels. Instead, we will return your car smelling fresh and the interior feeling more comfortable than ever before.

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Recent Review & Rating

steve cedre
April 29, 2024
Great Service from Everyone !
Marlyn Hirsch
April 26, 2024
Very informative during every step of my vehhcle’s reassembly.,The entire staff was professional and helpful. Matt and Sam are the absolutely BEST
April 17, 2024
This was truly a flawless experience. They handled everything for me, extremely convenient and most importantly the car looks perfect now. Came in with some body damage and I’m confident that they are the only shop that could have made it perfect. Would highly recommend to anyone.
C4 Piano
April 12, 2024
Working with "Day" in the office was a very easy and pleasant experience.
Jonathan Engle
April 7, 2024
Alex and Sam did an excellent job of keeping me in the loop throughout the entire process and were always available to ensure that all of my questions were answered.

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